Saturday, January 21, 2017

If you play FPL Fantasy Soccer, make sure to get the Better FPL extension

If you play Fantasy Premier League soccer/football, then you must get the Better FPL chrome extension.

Better FPL provides you with a set of options to improve your experience on Features such as upcoming fixtures with difficulty, expanded league view and options to disable things such as the confirmation dialog, that interrupts when you want to make a transfer, to name a few.

Here is what the team looks like without the extension

Here is what the team looks like with the extension

Now under each player you will see 5 colored boxes, these represent the difficulty for the next 5 games. Now you can better judge who to leave on the bench and who to field.

And here is what the standing look like without the extension

Adding the extension gives you a lot more, you get live points in the GW(L) columns, you can also see the captain and if that player has played any chips like bench boost, all out attack or triple captain. You can also see the transfer cost, transfers this week and how much money the person has in the bank

So do yourself a favor and add the Better FPL extension, you can get it here: