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Monday, August 31, 2015

Sorry to inform you, zombie series Fear the Walking Dead won't make it past the first season

I just started to watch the new series Fear the Walking Dead on AMC. Some people said the first episode was slow, I liked it and can't wait for the rest of the episodes. This is the first tv show I am watching on network tv in a long time. Most of the series I watch are on HBO and Showtime. The reason I mostly watch HBO and Showtime is because no matter what show I pick on non premium tv tv it gets cancelled the same season I start watching it.
Here is a list of the shows I started to watch only to have them being cancelled

The Street
The Event
Almost Human

Jericho is probably my favorite of that list, the network actually did create 6 or so more episodes to finish the story after an uproar by fans

But all is not lost, Vikings another show I watch, is still going strong and a new season will be on tv sometimes this winter

So hopefully Fear the Walking Dead will turn out to be good and we will have many seasons ahead like Vikings instead of The Event.....

What is your prediction...will Fear the Walking Dead make it or not?