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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Through the eye of a needle... advanced to the next round of the Fantasy Premier League Cup

This week in the  Fantasy Premier League I encountered an interesting situation. Here is what the points for my team looked like after all the games were played and the points had been rewarded

I ended up with 82 points.

And here is how many points my cup opponent had.

As you can see we both had 82 points. I then started to wonder who would advance?

I looked up the rules

How the cup works Each qualifying team will be randomly drawn against another in the first round. The winner (the team with the highest Gameweek score minus any transfer points), will progress to the second round and another random draw, the losers are out! This process continues until the final round when the two remaining teams contest the cup final. If a cup match is drawn, then the following tie-breaks will be applied until a winner is found: 

Most goals scored in the Gameweek 
Fewest goals conceded in the Gameweek 
Virtual coin toss

So then I checked the goals scored. We both had 5 goals scored. I then checked how many goals we conceded. I conceded 3, while my opponent conceded 5.  I also was very lucky that his bench looked like this, there was nobody to replace his defender  :-)

The end result was this.

If this was reversed, I would have been really pissed

I am sure that I will be eliminated from the cup next week now that I made this post....  :-(

Friday, August 11, 2017

Premier League starts today, here is my fantasy team

Today is the first week of the Premier League season, here is what week one looks like:

Friday 11 August
Arsenal  19:45 Leicester

Saturday 12 August
Watford  12:30 Liverpool
Chelsea  15:00 Burnley
Crystal Palace  15:00 Huddersfield
Everton  15:00 Stoke
Southampton  15:00 Swansea
West Brom  15:00 Bournemouth
Brighton  17:30 Man City

Sunday 13 August
Newcastle  13:30 Spurs
Man Utd  16:00 West Ham

I am again playing in a fantasy league, this year I am also participating in fantasy draft with a co-worker

Here is what my fantasy team looks like for week 1

I think the team is okay, I didn't get Coutinho because he won't be playing this week and might be heading to Barcelona, instead I picked Firmino
I picked Kane as captain, he scored in a couple of warm-up games so it looks like he is fit and in form. I am pretty sure Kompany will be injured within a week or 2 but for now I have added him to my team

Draft team

When picking a draft team, there is no money limit but you and the other players can't pick the same player, it's like an American Football draft

Anyway here is what that team looks like

I still have Kane but I also have ex Juventus/Madrid player Morata and Sergio Aguero up front
My hunch is that this team will do better, however there are no captain points here

I will post back Sunday to show you how (badly) I did, I will also show the standings

Saturday, January 21, 2017

If you play FPL Fantasy Soccer, make sure to get the Better FPL extension

If you play Fantasy Premier League soccer/football, then you must get the Better FPL chrome extension.

Better FPL provides you with a set of options to improve your experience on Features such as upcoming fixtures with difficulty, expanded league view and options to disable things such as the confirmation dialog, that interrupts when you want to make a transfer, to name a few.

Here is what the team looks like without the extension

Here is what the team looks like with the extension

Now under each player you will see 5 colored boxes, these represent the difficulty for the next 5 games. Now you can better judge who to leave on the bench and who to field.

And here is what the standing look like without the extension

Adding the extension gives you a lot more, you get live points in the GW(L) columns, you can also see the captain and if that player has played any chips like bench boost, all out attack or triple captain. You can also see the transfer cost, transfers this week and how much money the person has in the bank

So do yourself a favor and add the Better FPL extension, you can get it here:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finished dead pathetic..

As some of you know, I am part of a premier league fantasy soccer/football league. The new season started last week…. I managed to have the least points at the end of the first match day. I am glad that this is not my real job otherwise I would be in real trouble. What annoys me the most is that I switched out Philippe Coutinho for Roberto Firmino, Coutinho ended up with 15 points while Firmino only had 2 points. Then to rub some salt into the wound, my dear friend Christiaan Baes pointed out the following


What can you do, this is just the first week, so hopefully it gets better. Last year I finished somewhere in the middle of the group.

Here is what my team looked like that first week

Not sure why I had Cech instead of Mignolet, lost 6 points right there.
I have made some changes, not too many, I want to keep my wildcard in case some of my players get injured. Btw, you can follow the league here: RealFootball...

 Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use this link and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game: