Friday, August 11, 2017

Premier League starts today, here is my fantasy team

Today is the first week of the Premier League season, here is what week one looks like:

Friday 11 August
Arsenal  19:45 Leicester

Saturday 12 August
Watford  12:30 Liverpool
Chelsea  15:00 Burnley
Crystal Palace  15:00 Huddersfield
Everton  15:00 Stoke
Southampton  15:00 Swansea
West Brom  15:00 Bournemouth
Brighton  17:30 Man City

Sunday 13 August
Newcastle  13:30 Spurs
Man Utd  16:00 West Ham

I am again playing in a fantasy league, this year I am also participating in fantasy draft with a co-worker

Here is what my fantasy team looks like for week 1

I think the team is okay, I didn't get Coutinho because he won't be playing this week and might be heading to Barcelona, instead I picked Firmino
I picked Kane as captain, he scored in a couple of warm-up games so it looks like he is fit and in form. I am pretty sure Kompany will be injured within a week or 2 but for now I have added him to my team

Draft team

When picking a draft team, there is no money limit but you and the other players can't pick the same player, it's like an American Football draft

Anyway here is what that team looks like

I still have Kane but I also have ex Juventus/Madrid player Morata and Sergio Aguero up front
My hunch is that this team will do better, however there are no captain points here

I will post back Sunday to show you how (badly) I did, I will also show the standings

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