Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fix for 30GB Zune Crash, hard reset is the answer

If you are one of the people who have the first generation 30GB Zune and it crashed today, here is a workaround until Microsoft fixes it.

"Your zune will need a "hard reset."
To do this, use a small screwdriver to pop off the plastic shielding where the zune cable plugs into and remove the two screws on either side of the plug. Next pop the cover off and locate the battery plug at the top left corner of the zune, using your screw driver, pop the cable connection half way off, and do this to the other plug on the right side. Wait 3 seconds, then push down the right connector and then the left battery connecter. Your zune should start up immediately. Press the backing of the zune down (make sure headphone jack is aligned) and put the screws and cover back in place.
It's an easy process but if you're unsure don't attempt it if you think you'll screw it or something. :)"
Not pretty, but it might help those of you who have this problem.

Now remember do not try to sync the Zune after this or it will crash again, this seems to be a Y2K9 bug, the Zune thinks it is already January 1st but it is only December 31st (those damned leap years). Hopefully tomorrow it will just work again :-)

I have the 8GB Smaller Zune and it never failed

Here is the code that caused all this trouble

year = ORIGINYEAR; /* = 1980 */

while (days > 365)
if (IsLeapYear(year))
if (days > 366)
days -= 366;
year += 1;
days -= 365;
year += 1;

So in 4 years this will hapen again if Microsoft doesn't fix this but then again how many people will still have a first generation 30 GB Zune then?


Ted Malone said...

This works until you try and sync with the Zune software and it dies again. Ugh!

SQL said...


you can't sync again until they fix it or it is 2009 (hopefully that will fix itself)
It is a 2008 leap year bug

coffee fiend said...

this would be an especially tough break for people who bought defective X-Box's too

Claude said...

Y2K+8? What a piece of shit product. My iPods are still working fine :)