Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whole Foods 365 Brand Cola Sucks

So my wife the health nut decided to bring this junk home when I asked for some cola for my bambus.

Whole Foods Cola Sucks

This stuff is just horrible, for one it doesn't taste as good as Coca Cola and second it doesn't NOT have ricking caffeine. Might as well drink a Shirley Temple in that case. So I told my wife never to buy this crap again.


Anonymous said...

I was glad to find this cola. No HFCS, fake colors or fake taste. The no caffiene was an added bonus. If you want Coke taste, why not just buy it?

Anonymous said...

I was so glad when i found this soda becuase it does no have any of the lethal contents such as phosphoric acid, HFCS and fake sugars. However, i must add that the can cola, for God's sake, does not need to have 46 grams of sugar - any type of sugar! I think 15-20 grams is enough. BTW this drink is awesome.

Anonymous said...

how much was this buddy