Monday, December 1, 2008

How many movies do you know that are as good as the book?

How many movies do you know that are as good as the book? I can rattle of a humongous list of movies that are really bad but the book was excellent. Here are a couple of examples
Stephen King: The Stand, IT, Salem’s Lot
Michael Crichton: Sphere, Timeline, Congo

I always wonder how they manage to screw up so badly when making a movie from a book. There are times when a movie should not be made from a book. When I read Cold Mountain and then later I found out they made a movie I thought to myself that it has to be one of the most boring movies ever. I didn’t see the movie but cannot image it being any good, there really is nothing in the book that should make it to the screen. I can only assume that they added some stuff to make it watchable.

The Joy Luck Club
One movie which is as good as the book is the Joy Luck Club; this book is about four Chinese American immigrant families. It is a very interesting book showing you that the parents haven’t really assimilated and that the children are losing their heritage.

The Godfather
This is an awesome book and the movie is probably even better (I like The Godfather II better than the original).

Lord Of The Rings
Yes purist will say that there are whole chapters missing in the movies but I don’t care the LOTR trilogy is probably my favorite of all the movies I own. Of course you need to have the Extended Editions of these movies because 3 hours per movie is not merely enough.

Here are a bunch of books that I really like and I hope that someone makes some kickass movies out of them.
The Cobra Event
The Hot Zone
Digital Fortress
Angels And Demons
Neither Here Nor There, Travels In Europe
Walk In the Woods

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philhege said...

It'd be almost impossible to do cinematic justice to The Stand, but I happen to count The Dead Zone and Firestarter among my favorites. I think Cronenberg nailed TDZ, and I count George C. Scott's performance as the assassin in FS among the most engrossing portrayals on film.

But that's just me.