Monday, April 17, 2017

Kaizen Day 8, Apr 17 2017

This post is part of my daily kaizen routine, this is day 8 of that routine

Got up at 5:15, had my cold brew coffee, went for a run around 5:45. Did a longer run than usual today, I ran about 4 miles. The run was pretty easy and enjoyable, I listen to the this week in tech podcast while running

After the run I took a shower and made myself some breakfast. I had 2 eggs with spinach, a bit of ham from last night and some cherry tomatoes

Walked the 2.2 miles to the train station, listened to Pearl Jam rearviewmirror while walking

At work I only had an apple and an orange.

Walked the 2.2 miles back from the train station home. For dinner I had the same as last night since we made food for 2 days.

Was suffering from Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) a little on my arms, must have hit them real good at the gym this Saturday

Today I did 20,907 steps, 4 floors and the total distance was 9.5 miles

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