Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kaizen Day 14, Apr 23 2017

This post is part of my daily kaizen routine, this is day 14 of that routine

I decided to do a run again today, I normally don't run twice in a row but because the way this coming week is scheduled it made more sense to hit the trail today instead of tomorrow.

Got up at 5:30, had my coffee, browsed the internet a little, listened a bit to The Ancient World - Rediscovery podcast.  At 7 I went for my run, I listened to 2 episodes of the The Ancient World - Rediscovery podcast while running.

I was at 10K steps by 8 AM.

While my wife went to church with the children, I decided to walk around in Princeton for an hour since it was a beautiful day

Here are some pics I took from my walk

Seventy-Nine Hall
Seventy-nine hall

Seventy-Nine Hall was presented to Princeton by Woodrow Wilson's classmates in 1904

East Pyne Building
Princeton University

East Pyne Building, originally Pyne Library, was built in 1897, the Sesquicentennial gift of Mrs. Percy Rivington Pyne, mother of Moses Taylor Pyne 1877

Prospect Garden

Eight thousand flowers are planted in the garden every year during a two-week period in May, after the tulip bulbs that bloomed in the spring are removed

After picking up my wife and kids, we went to 2 farms to pick up some vegetables as well as some meat

I took a short video of this cute calf at Cherry Grove Farm

I watched El Clásico between 2:45 and 3:30. This is a soccer/football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  I still can't believe that Barcelona won, the brilliance of Messi was on full display today, because of this win, the league is still open. I still think that Real Madrid will win the league however

Had the same for lunch today as yesterday since I still had some soup leftover

For dinner we decided to have chili con carne, rice, salad and pico de gallo, all of this was made from scratch

For dessert today I had some ice cream, this is the first time I had ice cream, cookies or candy in 2 weeks. I made today kind of a cheat day by allowing a bit of sweets today

Total steps:  18,779
Total floors: 3
Total distance: 8.9

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