Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kaizen Day 23, May 3 2017

This post is part of my daily kaizen routine, this is day 23 of that routine

Today I didn't do any cardio or workout to the gym. I had to be home with the youngest kids while my wife had to drive the oldest kid to school to catch a bus to NYC as part of a class trip. He went to see the play School of Rock and also visited Radio City Music Hall

I decided to take the stairs every time I passed them as kind of a workout today

I did my usual 2.2 mile walk to the train station, I arrived with 20 minutes to spare , I walk around the train station. I noticed the lighting in the tunnel looked kind of cool, I took a picture and you can see what it looked like below

Tunnel at Princeton junction Train Station
At work whenever I went to use the restroomI decided to take the stairs down and then up again
The goal was to hit 50 floors for the day

I also decided to do a 24 hour fast, so dinner will be the first solid food I will have today. I had coffee with half and half but no solids

For dinner my wife made baked ziti and we had cauliflower on the side

At the end of the day I actually did 77 floors, not too bad at all. I noticed at least 4 people going up and down the stairs in the office around lunch time

Here is what the rest of the activity looks like

Total steps:  24,874
Total floors: 77
Total distance: 11.3

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