Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kaizen Day 28 May 8 2017

This post is part of my daily kaizen routine, this is day 28 of that routine

Got out of bed ad 5 AM today, had my coffee and listened to some podcasts. Left the house around 5:30 AM and ran for about 40 minutes. On the run I listened to the Tim Ferriss podcast episode: The Savant of Speed — Ryan Flaherty.  I noticed that the runs are getting easier than when I started, it is actually not that bad the last 2 minutes or so. I am thinking of either adding some distance or maybe running faster, not sure yet, I will give it a week or so,

Cooled down, took a shower, walked the 2.2 miles to the train station

At work I had a slice of pizza for lunch as well as an apple and an orange

Played 5 games of 9-ball at work, managed to beat my buddy Vlad 3-2, even though he lead by 2-0 and he also put in the 9 ball from the break in the first game. In the end, I had a little bit of luck and managed to win the last game,

Today I Learned
I finished the Ancient World podcast, I started to listen to a new podcast (new for me), this is the Stuff You Should Know podcast. I started all the way from the beginning, the first 20-30 podcasts are around 10 minutes each so I am blazing through it. So there was an interesting episode, I have never heard of this before, it is called Guerrilla Gardening
From wikipedia

Guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to cultivate, such as abandoned sites, areas that are not being cared for, or private property. It encompasses a diverse range of people and motivations, ranging from gardeners who spill over their legal boundaries to gardeners with political influences who seek to provoke change by using guerrilla gardening as a form of protest or direct action. This practice has implications for land rights and land reform; aiming to promote re-consideration of land ownership in order to assign a new purpose or reclaim land that is perceived to be in neglect or misused.
The land that is guerrilla gardened is usually abandoned or perceived to be neglected by its legal owner. That land is used by guerrilla gardeners to raise plants, frequently focusing on food crops or plants intended for aesthetic purposes.

You can also check this site out if you want to see pictures and get more information http://guerrillagardening.org/

For dinner I had the same exact thing as yesterday: Italian Wedding Soup

For dessert I had some yogurt with fruit

Activity for the day

Total steps: 27,224
Total floors: 5
Total distance: 13.9  miles

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