Monday, May 15, 2017

Kaizen Day 35 May 15 2017

This post is part of my daily kaizen routine, this is day 35 of that routine

I woke up at 5, had my coffee and then rode my bike to the gym. I did a back, bicep and leg workout. Did push ups in sets of 20 between doing machine rows. I then rode my back back home. I was back home by 7:30 AM

For breakfast I had some yogurt and fruit

Worked from home today, dialed into a bunch of meetings and did some coding as well

Also kept an eye on the WannaCry worm that is infecting computers around the world. Most of theses computers are XP machines, pirated copies of windows as well as unpatched copies of windows 7 and up

You can track it yourself here: Click on the blue connect button so it start animating.

It was interesting to see how security companies like FireEye all went up nicely in wake of this attack

I took a look at these companies

FEYE FireEye Inc
SYMC Symantec Corporation
CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc.
PFPT Proofpoint Inc
CHKP Check Point Software
SCWX Secureworks Corp
PANW Palo Alto Network
TMICY Trend Micro Inc. 

Here is the gain for today

Not bad, if you have some of these in your portfolio

For lunch I had some Cheddar cheese and tomatoes.

Dinner was a bean soup made with chicken broth, string beans, zucchini, spinach and tomatoes.

Dessert was a piece of banana bread

Activity for the day

Total steps:  10,972
Total floors: 21
Total distance: 5.2  miles

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