Monday, May 1, 2017

Kaizen Day 21, Apr 30 2017

This post is part of my daily kaizen routine, this is day 21 of that routine

Got out of bed ad 5:10 AM today..had my coffee and listened to some podcasts. Left the house around 6:20 AM and ran for about 40 minutes.

My oldest son made a raisin cinnamon bread the night before and today he used that bread to make french toast for everyone.

While the wife and kids went to church I walked around Princeton and listen to the London Real podcast with Crazy Legs

Richard Colón, better known by his stage name Crazy Legs, is an American b-boy from the Bronx New York City, USA. He featured in the earliest stories on hip hop dancing to appear in mainstream press, and as president of the Rock Steady Crew brought the form to London and Paris in 1983.
This brought back a whole bunch of memories from when I was a teenager. I remember watching the movie Beat Street and Breakin' and liking them. Back in the early 80s I could pull off some of those breakdancing moves like the worm.

Here is a pic I snapped near the golf course in Princeton right across the Wawa and the Princeton NJ Transit train station  
Near the golf course, close to Princeton University

For lunch I took some leftover string beans and cherry tomatoes salad, added chickpeas and chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano to it and shared it with my kids

For dinner we had a variant of chicken cacciatore, we substituted mushrooms for green beans because not all the kids like mushrooms

I had half a cookie for dessert as well as some blueberries and a kiwi

Total steps:  20,681
Total floors: 4
Total distance: 9.8 miles

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